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Simple & effective fire safety education

Does your department need a cost-effective fire safety education program that’s fun for both kids and adults alike? Imagine a solution that’s both quick & easy to set up and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to boot!

Safety Place is fire safety education—without breaking the budget.

Using the Safety Place unit is as easy as 1, 2, 3

A simple portable set up.

Set up is 1 2 3 simple!

The whole fire safety education system is complete in a small portable case and plugs into standard HDMI display screens or projectors. Imagine plug and play performance for your home safety needs! Make sure your educators spend time training people, not setting up the training!

Fire Safety by firefighters

Training by Firefighters

Safety Squirt’s Safety Place fire safety education is developed by the Dallas Fire Museum, members of the Dallas Fire Department education team and the media systems group at Brainfood. Proceeds from the program fund the Fire Museum and the continued development of the program.

The concept behind Safety House

Safety House Fire Safety Education

The heart of the program is an animated, interactive, virtual house that can be controlled with a wireless internet capable device such as a phone or tablet. The house can be used as an interactive presentation tool where the educator speaks to the class or can play the pre-recorded safety sequences.

Great tech. Better learning

1 2 3 Easy

Safety Squirt’s Safety Place is a great fire safety education system for kids and adults about fire safety in the home. The system uses the latest in wireless touch screen and Internet technology to allow educators to easily work with students in a full classroom setting or one-on-one.

Meet your fire safety buddy!

This is Safety Squirt, the lovable steam fire truck engine. He knows all about fire safety education and wants to spread the word! Go on an adventure to learn about fire safety!

Safety Places micro computer unit

Portable and simple.

The rugged Safety Place system is set up for portability.

Everything you need to get your fire safety education presentation at your fingertips with minimal and speedy set up. Connect it to any HDMI display or order one of our portable projection systems, or simply just use your own.

Your educator should be able to spend their time doing what they do best. Teaching!

Control fire safety education training with your Smartphone

Engaging education is essential for learning. Setting the pace of fire safety education is important for the instructor. Our system can allow you to interact with the presentation from your smartphone! Just link in and you can control everything remotely!

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Easily control Safety Place training with a smartphone

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